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Secure turbojet air sanitiser freshener is a high-performance, high perfume-content product, designed to eliminate odours instantly with lasting fragrance. Air Sanitiser has been specifically designed to deliver a high volume burst into both large/small enclosed spaces i.e. cars, caravans, offices, conference rooms, marques, toilets, machine rooms and any other enclosed space, be it a home or workplace. Designer Fragrances Blast Can Air Sanitiser is a unique design that achieves this with its turbo valve and actuator, which delivers high volumes of perfume instantly in high volumes.


Smells avaliable 

Cherry, Bubblegum, Oud, Rada. More will be getting added as stock sells 


Secure Turbojet Air Sanitiser Freshener Car & Room Spray - 500ml

Designer Fragrance for the modern world!

Highly Perfumed Odour Eliminator/Neutraliser

Offices & conference rooms

Toilets, cars, taxis, minibuses & coaches

All enclosed spaces, large or small.


Shake well before use.

Hold down the actuator for 1-second bursts.

Leave the designated area unattended whilst the perfume settles.

Reapply where necessary.