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Introducing our latest innovation in Number Plate customization - the Bubble Number Plates.  It’s an interesting and unique design that would truly make your vehicle stand out on the road.

These plates are purchased as a pair so ensure quantity is only 1.

we have a number of options with the bubble plates 

  1. printed
  2. 3d gel
  3. 3mm 4d 
  4. 5mm 4d
  5. 4d with gel (3mm or 5mm)
  6. coloured sparkle gels
  7. glitter gel
  8. negative (with gloss or matte black acrylic behind
  9. and also available for motorbikes but this has a separate page on the website to buy from 

the idea of a bubble plate is to have the minimal spacing legally allowed by the dvla and it makes it look like there is a bubble around the letters.

we make these in house and super proud of the work we do if you are interested but unsure what style you want to go for please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help 

as we ramp up production of these we will upload more and more photos to help you choose what you want to go for 

A negative Bubble number plate with recessed digits is a type of number plate where the characters are cut out of the white/yellow reflective material and then a black layer is placed behind it to create an inverted or ‘negative’ effect. This gives the appearance of the characters being recessed into the plate rather than raised or printed on top.